Microwell DRY 300 SILVER dehumidifiier

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Microwell DRY 300 SILVER  is designed for rooms with a swimming pool, which surface is up to 30  m².


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Microwell DRY 300 SILVER is designed for rooms with a swimming pool, which surface is up to 30 m².


The condition of using the equipment is keeping a room temperature within a range between min. 22 ° C and max. 35 C ° .
Optimal situation occurs when the room temperature is about 2-3 C ° higher than a swimming pool water-temparature.


Only few of us realize, how many sources of water vapours are found in households that all add moisture into the air: human breathing, showering, bathing, steam created by cooking, kettle boiling, laundry drying, plants, swimming pool halls, walls and floors of new buildings, etc. If the excess humidity is not eliminated, building constructions get soaked, moulds start to appear on walls, corrosion appears on metal constructions and the windows get moistured. Excess moisture in the air does not just create mould and condensation, it is also bad for our health and for our finances.


The old fashioned, not too expensive way of dehumidification based on air exchange and simultaneous heating of the supplied fresh air, is getting less used due to high operating costs.


Nowadays people tend to use much more frequently a modern way of dehumidification based on condensation on cold surfaces. This way of the energy consumption is reduced by up to 80% in comparison with the above mentioned older way.


Electrical equipments used for humidity elimination, functioning on heat pump basis are called dehumidifiers.


According to their usage field they can be divided into 3 groups:
swimming pool dehumidifiers,
domestic dehumidifiers,
industrial dehumidifiers.


  • Pool equipmentDehumidifiers
  • KorpusasNerūdijančio plieno
  • PaskirtisDrėgmės šalinimui ir patalpų pašildymui
  • Suitable for pools 15-30 m²
  • TinkaVisų tipų baseinams
  • Drėgmėmačio tipasSkaitmeninis
  • Našumas l/24h36
  • Air flow m³/h550
  • Displėjaus kalibravimasYra
  • Esamos drėgmės indikatoriusYra
  • Sound level42 dB
  • Aukštis642 mm
  • length780 mm
  • width300 mm
  • Svoris50 kg
  • Warranty24 mėn.