Reinforced pool membranes Alkorplan 3000 TOUCH Sublime

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Reinforced pool membranes Renolit Alkorplan 3000 Touch Sublime


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Imitative of travertine limestone that creates pools with warm reflections ideal for exclusive and naturalist settings

Pool Membranes

Reinforced membranes are the intelligent alternative to traditional finishes, such as tiles or paint


Their exclusive lacquer – developed by RENOLIT – affords outstanding protection against everyday wear and tear and the passage of time. They are easy and quick to install, adapt to any shape and design and are effortless to maintain. 


The reinforced membrane system has many advantages:

  • The best technical and decorative solution for the construction of swimming pools.
  • The only pool finish with guaranteed watertightness.
  • The optimum finish for new pools and the renovation of existing ones, including over tile or mosaic.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Adapts to all kinds of shapes and designs.
  • Less expensive than traditional pool finishes.

The exclusive properties of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN provide the very highest level of security and protection for swimming pools.

More specifically, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced membranes guarantee to waterproof the shell of your pool for 10 years, as well as protecting it from aesthetic deterioration, atmospheric agents and wear and tear.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is a membrane consisting of two flexible layers of polyvinyl chloride interleaved with a reinforcing polyester mesh.

Our reinforced membranes can be used with all types of pool structures, be it reinforced concrete, steel panels, formwork, wood, ceramic or polythene.

Easy to install, simple to maintain and adaptable to any design, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced membranes are the intelligent alternative to traditional finishes. But above all because RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is the only system that guarantees a waterproof seal, provided that it has been correctly installed by a RENOLIT trained professional.

It¹s quick and easy installation method on any type of surface, and its ability to adapt to all shapes, also make it the best system for renovating old or damaged pools.



RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced membranes guarantee a protective liner for your pool, regardless of its form, shape or size.

The reinforced membrane RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is the best solution to leakage problems in your pool. It offers resistance, flexibility, strength and longevity.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is widely used in the construction and renovation of all types of pools, both public and private, as it can be installed over all manner of existing surfaces, including tile, mosaic, cement and polyester.

The reinforced membrane RENOLIT ALKORPLAN avoids the common problems and costly maintenance caused by other systems such as renewing the grouting or repainting.

With RENOLIT ALKORPLAN the only maintenance necessary is basic cleaning. It’s the only pool finish that guarantees a watertight seal, providing it has been correctly installed by a professional installer.

Therefore RENOLIT gives a 10-year guarantee on the waterproofing properties of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced membrane. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced membranes not only offer optimum performance, but their wide range of colours, patterns and finishes are the most striking ways to decorate your pool.

This makes RENOLIT ALKORPLAN the sensible choice for the renovation of your swimming pool.



RENOLIT is a groundbreaker in the development and application of a protective lacquer, which can be found in RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 2000 and RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 3000 reinforced membranes. It safeguards and protects your swimming pool – just like your own skin. Thanks to its innovative acrylic protection lacquer, the reinforced membranes of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 2000 and RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 3000 product ranges are the most lasting option for your pool. They not only provide the best protection against UV rays, stains, scratches and biodegradation, but endure against everyday wear and tear and long-term use. Examples of the test results showing the advantages of RENOLIT’s protective lacquer:



RENOLIT ALKORPLAN has the widest range on the market of reinforced membranes, offering a diverse array of eye pleasing, on-trend solutions for waterproofing your pool. Colours, textures and innovative designs have been conceived to lend your pool a highly contemporary look. Have a look at our selection of colours and print designs below or design your own swimming pool using our virtual pool configurator. COLOUR RANGE Click here to see our collection of colours and print designs

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