ZPM Zeta Potential Mixer

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The static mixer for the cavitation of water – optimise coagulation and flocculation: ZPM
stands for Zeta Potential Mixer and is a static mixer manufactured in stainless steel 1.4571.


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The ZPM amplifies the coagulation and flocculation reactions for the conversion and precipitation of dissolved components into small particles. The ZPM provides the perfect mixing and turbulent environment necessary for coagulation using APF® and NoPhos. The ZPM neutralises the electrical charge (Zeta Potential) on dissolved particles. The opposite charges attract and this causes coagulation and flocculation. As the zeta potential drops the redox potential of the water increases.The water begins to disinfect itself without the use of any chemicals. With a one-time small investment you improve your water quality forever. Choose the size of the ZPM according to the pressure loss. Pressure loss should be between 1
and 2 mH2O (0.1 – 0.2 bar).

Item No.Sizeno of finnsconn.2lengthweight0.2 bar0.3 bar0.5 bar
30000DN 4031½“ SK283 mm0.75 kg5 m3/h6.5m3/h8.5 m3/h
30001DN 4021½“ SK242 mm0.75 kg10 m3/h12 m3/h15 m3/h
30002 [1]DN 5032“ SK345 mm 1.2 kg8.5 m3/h13 m3/h21.5 m3/h
30003DN 5022“ SK286 mm1.2 kg15 m3/h23 m3/h30 m3/h
30004DN 6532½“ ET3331.6 mm2.8 kg17 m3/h22 m3/h27 m3/h
30014DN 65New [2]2½“ ET[3][4]331.6 mm2.8 kg24 m3/h30 m3/h38 m3/h
30005DN 8033“ FL423.6 mm11.2 kg20 m3/h30 m3/h45 m3/h
30015DN 80New23“ FL423.6 mm11.2 kg40 m3/h47 m3/h63 m3/h
30006DN 10034“ FL523.6 mm14.4 kg50 m3/h60 m3/h80 m3/h
30016DN 100New24“ FL523.6 mm14.4 kg68 m3/h83 m3/h108 m3/h
30013DN 12535“ FL640 mm21.0 kg70 m3/h85 m3/h115 m3/h
30017DN 125New25“ FL640 mm21.0 kg100 m3/h125 m3/h165 m3/h
30007DN 15036“ FL765.6 mm26.8 kg100 m3/h125 m3/h170 m3/h
30018DN 150New26“ FL765.6 mm26.8 kg160 m3/h200 m3/h260 m3/h
30008DN 20038“ FL989.6 mm41.2 kg175 m3/h220 m3/h290 m3/h
30009DN 250310“ FL1,229.6 mm58.6 kg260 m3/h325 m3/h420 m3/h
30010DN 300312“ FL1,437 mm77.2 kg385 m3/h475 m3/h500 m3/h