Dryden Aqua 150-FC

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DA-GEN complete set for private pools up to 150m3


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DA-GEN complete set for private pools up to 150m3

We recommend the following configuration. DA-GEN complete FC includes the following modules: Wi-Fi, free chlorine control, flow detector, temperature module, suction lance, TDS analyser, pH control, pH dosing pump, flocculation pump for APF®. Everything mounted ready-to-use on a panel.

Pool water quality depends on four key factors:
1) pool hydraulics,
2) flocculation & filtration (DAISY®),
3) oxidation and pH control  
4) addition of fresh water.

Your pool specialist is responsible for the correct design of the pool hydraulics. The key is to guarantee complete and optimal water flow throughout the entire pool allowing appropriate circulation and turnover. Best flocculation and filtration is achieved with DAISY® (Dryden Aqua Integrated System).
DAISY® is designed to minimise the growth of algae and pathogens. Nevertheless there is always a need for disinfection. The most effective oxidising agents are so-called free radicals. Free radicals are very short-lived and disintegrate within seconds. Therefore a residual oxidant is needed to guarantee residual disinfection in the pool. The most suitable oxidant for this task is a small amount of chlorine.Our DA-GEN produces both. With a properly sized DAISY® you will only need 0.1 mg / l of free chlorine in private pools to ensure proper disinfection.

This is pool water in drinking water quality – no chlorine smell and crystal clear!

  • Pool equipmentAutom.dozavimo stotelė
  • Rekomenduojama baseinams iki20m³
  • TinkaPrivatiems baseinams
  • Desinfection & careWithout chlorine
  • ValdymasValdymo blokas