The best of wood and polymers Megawood® barefootboards are made in state-of-the-art production facilities from up to 75% wood fibre. The timber originates from managed forests certified by a transparent, independent system (the PEFC certificate) to ensure their sustainability. The PEFC certificate protects forests and is internationally recognised. The entire production process – from the raw material to the completed product – is certified and checked by independent experts. Environmentally friendly binders, additives and wood fibres are combined in a patented production process to form the long-lasting megawood® timber-polymeric material. This process lends the natural wood fibres their extraordinary resistance. The timber’s positive characteristics are accentuated and the wood is given new qualities. All components are free from PVC and can be recycled in the megawood® recycling circuit. Low thermal expansion – even at high temperatures Unique surface hardness – very resistant to scratches and pressure points Resistant – greater resistance to insects and fungi than solid wood

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